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How much does fascia and soffit replacement cost?

Updated: Feb 19

If you're dealing with deteriorating wooden fixtures or seeking to boost your home's visual appeal, we're here to help.

In the following sections, we'll detail the standard expenses associated with fascia and soffit replacements, providing you with valuable insights for effective budgeting.

new facias and soffits

Revitalizing a worn-out home's exterior is a breeze with updated fascia and soffit boards.

In this guide, we'll delve into the typical cost of replacing fascias and soffits, whether it's due to rot, discoloration, or part of a larger renovation project like a new roof.

Here's a breakdown of the costs associated with replacing soffits and fascias in the UK:

  • Unit Price Range (Low - High):

  • Replace Fascias and Soffits: £100 - £170 per linear meter

  • Replace Bargeboards: £160 - £230 per linear meter

  • Replacement Tiles and Waste: £30 - £60 per linear meter

  • Replacement Guttering: £35 - £50 per linear meter

  • Hire Access Scaffolding: £20 - £40 per square meter

  • Average UK Cost:

  • UPVC Replacement for Old Fascias and Soffits (small semi-detached property, excluding scaffolding costs): £2,430 each

  • Capping Old Fascias and Soffits with uPVC Cover (large semi-detached property): £3,000 each

  • Capping Old Fascias and Soffits with uPVC Cover: £85 per linear meter

*Please note that these figures are ballpark averages. For an accurate quote tailored to your specific requirements, consider consulting a local roofing specialists.

Typically, replacing fascias and soffits averages around £135 per linear meter. However, keep in mind that scaffolding costs make up a significant portion of the total expense, often comprising up to a third of the overall replacement cost.

Wondering about the cost of replacing fascia and soffit boards? Here's the breakdown:

Fascia Board Replacement Cost: The fascia, or roofline, runs along the edge of the roof where it meets the outer walls of the house, providing a finished appearance and supporting guttering. Replacement costs start at £135 per linear meter. Factoring in waste removal and labour, the average total price is around £2,500, depending on property size and type.

Soffit Replacement Cost: Positioned beneath the fascia board, the soffit is the most visible board when looking up at your house from the street. Replacement costs average £135 per linear meter, with the total price determined by the roofline length. While capping old fittings may offer short-term savings, the long-term benefits of replacing soffit boards justify the expense.

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